Good At English? Here’s What You Could Study

If you are at the deciding stage of your leaving cert cycle, you might be looking to the subjects that you are best at. This is avery good idea as it is always best to play to your strengths. Picking a college course based on the second level subject that you are both best at and like the most is a very good way to choose a college course.

Here we take a look at five courses you could do if you think English is your best subject.


If you are someone who has a nose for news or loves to interview people and truly get to the bottom of things then journalism could be for you. A great grasp of the english language and the ability to write compelling stories is a must for this area of expertise. There are also a wide variety of careers you can obtain with a degree in journalism. Marketing, publishing houses, copy editing, editing, and PR are just some of the areas where a journalism degree could be useful.

English Literature

A degree in english lit allows the student to engage in literary history, theory and criticism. It will enhance the students understanding of a huge variety of cultures and intellectual traditions.

Classical Studies

Study in this area provides access to the thought processes of the ancient civilisations, specifically the Greeks and Romans. It is a precursor for the study of ancient civilisations and how we became the societies we have become.


Philosophy is the study of the nature of existence. It is concerned with the pursuit of ethics, truth and knowledge. It has many applications in the modern world and can lead to many different and varied areas of study. Students who are good at english might consider philosophy because they share many of the traits that successful philosophy students have.


Students who are good at english, might also be good at Law. They have a good ability to reason and debate and have a great grasp of the english language. Studying law offers the student the ability to learn new skills and explore many aspects of human life. There are a range of applications of law, from areas of the humanities to social sciences.

There are many different areas of study that a person who is good at english could partake in. These are just some of the most popular ones.

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