How to Transform your Anxiety into your Advantage

Motivational Speaker and Online Educator, Ray Langan, will be giving a live webinar at our upcoming Career Path Expo this March. Ray has chosen the topic – How to Transform your Anxiety into your Advantage for his talk. You can register today to get FREE ACCESS to all webinars and exhibitor booths on Wednesday, 10th and Thursday, 11th March.

About Ray Langan

With over 12 years experience working in the education sector, Ray is a leading expert in his field and has delivered programmes in over 150 schools to nearly 50,000 students.  An award winning speaker, Ray is an Edutainer and delivers educational content in a way that is unique and memorable. He is a qualified Life Coach, NLP practitioner and is currently training as a Counsellor & Psychotherapist. Ray also went back to do Leaving Cert History achieving an A1 using his unique study system which he shares with your students.

During these times of uncertainty anxiety and stress are prevalent within society, and more than ever amongst those in their final school year. Students need a reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel and there is always support and a diverse range of opportunities to avail of. If you’re a student facing the Leaving Certificate in 2021 or you’e the parent of a student then we highly recommend Ray’s talk. This webinar will give perspective and a boost to the system. Ray’s set to speak at 5:30pm on Wednesday, 10th March.


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