Leaving Cert 2021: Accessing Your Accredited Grades

The Department of Education has published information supporting students, teachers  and schools to implement processes to allow students who study subjects outside of school hours and out-of-school learners to access their Leaving Cert accredited grades.

What is an Accredited Grade?

This is a grade that a student can receive in respect of a subject following the combination of a school estimated percentage mark for a student’s expected percentage mark in the Leaving Cert.

It is also based in respect of national data available regarding the student’s performance in exams over a period.

It results from combining data available from state examinations. This can include national data on the previous Leaving Cert/cycle examination performance of a student in each subject.

It also results from a school’s estimate of a percentage mark, to be awarded to a student regarding their expected performance in a particular exam for a certain subject.

Accessing Accredited Grades

If you have any questions on these grades, you might find one of the following documents useful:

  • Guide to Acc Grades for Leaving Certificate 2021 for Out-of-School Subjects, and Out-of-School Learners (March 2021)
  • Supporting Teaching, Learning and Assessment in the Context of Accredited Grades 2021 (March 2021)
  • Guide for Schools and Students on implementing the Acc Grades Process for Out-of-School-Subjects and Out-of-School Learners (April 2021)
  • Grades for Leaving Certificate 2021 – Guide for Schools on Providing Estimated Percentage Marks (April 2021)

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