Leaving Cert Grind Courses

Train for success with a Leaving Certificate Grind

A ‘Grind’ is the Irish word for a personal tutor. The Leaving Certificate is roughly equivalent to the UK A-level. It is used to gain entry to University. As these exams are important, parents of students about to sit the exams will often hire a Grind to tutor their children for the upcoming assessment.

If you have an upcoming Leaving Certificate examination, choosing a grind is an excellent idea. With a range of courses provided by trained and skilled professionals, the help you need to succeed is close at hand. There are courses available in all common subjects that will help you maximise your potential and do as well as you can when finally sitting the Leaving Cert exam.

The Irish Education System

For anyone not familiar with the Irish education system, students aged 16-20 will sit a Leaving Certificate at the end of their compulsory education. Passing these exams is extremely important for anyone looking to have a skilled career. This means that Grinds are often employed to help make sure that students do as well as possible in their exams.

There are 3 levels of Certificate, Higher, Ordinary and Foundation. The level at which these are taught affects the eventual value of the qualification. Higher Cert qualifications are worth the most, while Foundation certificates are worth the least in comparison. The total number of points earned is determined by the overall grades achieved in the exams. These points are then used to gain entry to University. For students looking to study in the UK, the Certificate points also convert into UCAS points, the British equivalent. A Certificate is worth two-thirds of an A level for these purposes.

It is a multimillion-euro industry used by tens of thousands of students every single year, so qualifying as a Grind can be a lucrative career for anyone who takes the time to certify. Although the emergence of online resources in recent years has reduced the number of students who use Grinds, there is still a high demand for their services.

What will I learn?

Exactly what you will learn is dependent on the subject that you are studying. Student can expect to learn the entire syllabus in-depth and be taught all the relevant aspects and nuances of the subject.

Qualified and experienced tutors are provided to make sure that whatever the subject you are choosing to grind for, you will be supported every step of the way. You deserve the best possible future, so choosing the course that is right for your needs is important.

How the Grind is taught depends on the course that you choose. With classroom and distance learning options, you are free to find the most flexible fit for you. With a selection of different education providers available, finding the course that works best for you is simple.

What can I expect from this course?

Obviously taking a grind does not directly qualify you for a career. However, by getting the best possible result from your Leaving Cert, you will be able to progress either to university or into the workforce with the highest chance of success. If you choose not to attend university, then a Leaving Cert is your last chance to show potential employers what you are
capable of. While extra classes are a lot of work, your future is absolutely worth the effort. Make sure you earn the grade you deserve and find a course that’s right for you today. With the huge choice of courses, there is sure to be one there.

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  • Ari Madellis Reply

    How much would a grind school course be for a student to do the leaving certificate course with a view to entering Medicine through CAO the following year ? For Greek EU student now living in Ireland with a pps number.

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