Business Information Systems Courses

The worlds of business and technology go hand in hand. As technologies grow and change, smart companies adopt them to improve efficiency. Graduates in Business Information Systems offer companies the best of both. They are tech savvy and they understand business practices.

Education in Business Information Systems

There are several dedicated degree-level Business Information Systems courses. Most of these are four year courses. Each Business Information Systems course develops students’ IT skills, but firmly within a business context. Students study business components such as Accounting, Business Management, and Business Economics alongside IT-oriented modules.

Classroom-based learning and project work make up the bulk of all BIS courses. There are still some colleges who also offer work placement opportunities. For example, University College Cork provides a six-month paid internship in the third year of their course. Some students complete their placement in Ireland, but many of them opt to find work with companies based in the US or UK. The National College of Ireland also provides a six-month internship, with students often obtaining positions within well-regarded companies such as Microsoft or Vodafone.

In addition to degree courses, there are a number of BIS and BIS-related courses at PLC level. These provide a solid grounding in business and IT principles. Students who obtain a Level 5 or Level 6 certificate have the option of moving on to study at degree-level.

The Work

BIS graduates have a huge range of employment opportunities available to them. They can work as software programmers, web developers, financial accountants, business analysts, consultants, project managers, and so on.

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