Studying: School Vs. College

Studying is the bane of every students existence whether they are in college or school.

It would be easy to assume that you are required to study a lot more in college than you ever were in school. However, that is not necessarily the case.

If you were a school student who followed the advice of studying 2-3 hours per night per subject you did that day, chances are college study will be a lot lighter for you.

In general in college students are studying for a specific area and dont have 7 or 8 entirely different subjects to study for. Therefore study all goes along with together.

It is also important to remember that a lot of the learning we do happens in lectures and in tutorials and then in the form of assignments. All college courses have an element of continual assessment, so end of year exams dont have quite the same importance on them as the leaving Cert did.

It is still vitally important to keep up study, and averaging out about 2-3 hours per night including your assignment work should be sufficient to pass any exam and and to get great grades on your assignment briefs.

Study for different classes will flow cohesively together, unlike each subject having little to do with each other in school. College all the classes you are taking are all related which makes studying make more sense to the learner.

The process you use to study is still an intrinsically personal thing. How you study is up to you, the important thing is that you do it.

Remember to study what you learn in class that day that night, and top up your learning by recapping everything over the weekend. Each time you study something new, you should go over the last thing you learned to remind yourself of it before you start the new thing.

College life is not all about studying but it is a vitally important part of it.

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