The Irish Graduate joins Career Path Expo

We’re happy to announce that Leanne Donovan, the founder of The Irish Graduate, will be speaking at Career Path Expo. Her webinar, Future Paths: Options Beyond the CAO, will kick off at 5:30pm on Thursday, 11th March. Don’t forget to register for FREE ADMISSION to see all webinars and talk with colleges right here.

About Leanne Donovan & The Irish Graduate

Leanne Donovan is a recent DCU Business Studies graduate and founder of The Irish Graduate. She is currently completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Management for Sustainable Development and will commence the EirGrid graduate programme in September 2021.
Graduating as part of the Class of 2020 led to Leanne launching The Irish Graduate community to support her peers as they adapt to life post-college during a pandemic.

The Irish Graduate is a community of graduates (young and old) who share their story to inspire students and recent graduates as they begin navigating their lives post-college. As well as that, The Irish Graduate is a blog dedicated to sharing Leanne’s experiences of transferring college, work placement and time abroad working at a summer camp in New York.

The ‘My Graduate Life’ series highlights the different routes graduates have taken along their journey so far from completing PLCs, switching courses to pursuing something entirely different to what they obtained their degree in. This mix of stories means that there is something to inspire every 6th-year student unsure of what path to take after secondary school.

You can keep up to date with The Irish Graduate on Instagram (@theirishgrad) and check out their website ( to learn more about what college and graduate life is really like.

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