University of Limerick

We’re very excited to have the University of Limerick join us for our online fair this spring. You will be ale to talk with their team on 10th and 11th March from 3pm to 8pm both days. Discover what opportunities UL can offer you. Enquire what the best courses are for you the help you get the career you want. All you need to do is register here and you’ll have your ticket to access the event for FREE.

UL, Home of Firsts

In 1972, the University of Limerick gave birth to the idea of cooperative education in Ireland. At the University, the management, advancement and strategy of the cooperative education, careers and school placement programmes is carried out by The Cooperative Education & Careers Division. Cooperative Education programme (also know as Coop) is intrinsic to both UL’s educational philosophy and branding. Furthermore, it’s consistently recognised by students as one of their primary reasons for selecting UL as opposed to other higher education institutions. Influenced by the North American system, UL operates a centralised model of placement for both its Coop and School Placement programmes, whereby responsibility for securing placements lies with the University.

Additionally, the University of Limerick has a strong employability focus. UL is committed to teaching students and graduates skills and competencies that will help the adapt and progress within the workforce and encourage them to advance in their career choice. Throughout their four years at UL, students have access to an extensive range of employability-focused activities, including placement, careers development programmes, skills development and assessment sessions, and one-to-one consultations, to empower them to prepare for and manage their future careers.

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