Good At Biology? Here’s What You Could Study

If you are at the deciding stage of your leaving cert cycle, you might be looking to the subjects that you are best at. This is a very good idea as it is always best to play to your strengths. Picking a college course based on the second level subject that you are both best at and like the most is a very good way to choose a college course.

Here we take a look at a few courses you could do if you think Biology is your best subject.


Biotechnology is the study of living cells and cellular materials to use them to create pharmaceutical, diagnostic, agricultural, environmental products and theories. This is done to benefit society. Another avenue of study within it can be the study of genetics and disease and vaccine synthesis. There are a huge number of jobs in the field of biotechnology and is a very worthwhile course of study to consider.


Ecology is a central area of study for the furthering of human wellbeing and prosperity. Ecology provides new areas of knowledge of the codependence that exists between nature and humans. It studies how vital this connection is for food production, maintaining clean air and water, and sustaining biodiversity in a changing climate.

Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmaceutical science is concerned with the combination of a wide range of both biology and chemistry disciplines. These disciplines are crucial in the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. Most Pharmaceutical Science courses will cover this development from research to practical implementation of your research findings. It is a highly interesting field of study and there are a wide number of jobs available on completion of your degree. There is also a wide range of further study areas that may interest you.

There is a wide range of courses available to people who are interested in and good at biology in secondary school These are just a selection of some of the more popular areas of study.

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