Good At Physics? Here’s What You Could Study

If you are at the deciding stage of your leaving cert cycle, you might be looking to the subjects that you are best at. This is a very good idea as it is always best to play to your strengths. Picking a college course based on the second level subject that you are both best at and like the most is a very good way to choose a college course.

Here we take a look at a few courses you could do if you think Physics is your best subject.

Theoretical Physics

The study of theoretical physics is the centre of modern quantitative science. It is one of the most interesting parts of scientific research. The area is concerned with the advancement and advances of our fundamental understanding of the very fabric of the universe and the way in which this knowledge leads to future change.


The study of the movement of objects through the air requires an indepth knowledge of physics. The study of these forces of lift allows students to understand how aircraft can overcome gravity.

Applied Physics

studying applied physics concerns the application of physics to helping human beings and solving physical problems. It is concerned with conducting research into new technologies in order to solve existing problems or to develop new technologies.

These are just a few areas that you could consider if you are interested in furthering your study in the field of physics. There are many other areas such as astrophysics, hydraulics and many other avenues that could interest you.

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