I’m Aisling and I’ve worked for many years in Recruitment & Human Resources. I graduated from University with an Honours Bachelors Degree specialising in Human Resources and became a member of the CIPD. I started my career working in a recruitment agency, moved into an in house recruitment role in an IT company and began training in HR. I rapidly worked my way up to HR Business Partner gaining experience in all aspects of the employee life cycle.

Working in the agency role gave me a great understanding of client requirements and matching the appropriate candidate with the right company. This would involve screening and selecting the right candidates, coaching the candidates before they went for their interviews, equipping them with the confidence to succeed ensuring both client and candidate were happy to work together.

I moved to the in-house recruitment & HR position involved recruiting for our own team which gave me a very different perspective. This role provided a great insight into the different interview styles used, different types of interviewers, identifying what interviewers are impressed by and what puts a candidate on a “do not hire” list. It also showed the importance of securing the right candidate both for the individual and the company. Working as a HR Business Partner, I learned the issues employees experienced, what’s important to employees to remain in the organisation and achieve job satisfaction and how important it is for both the company and individual to hold the same values.

I coached managers daily in performance management, employee issues and how to manage more effectively to prevent issues occurring. Equally, I worked with employees to give them advice and provide solutions to issues they were faced with.

I’ve worked on many different role profiles with many different career avenues. I have great experience working with many different clients, advising them of processes, hints, tips, guidance and support on their career journey.

I feel no greater satisfaction than when I help someone achieve their ultimate career goal and seeing how happy it’s made them!

I’d be happy to speak with you with my free consultation to assess how I can help you.