Good At Music? Here’s What You Could study

If you are at the deciding stage of your leaving cert cycle, you might be looking to the subjects that you are best at. This is avery good idea as it is always best to play to your strengths. Picking a college course based on the second level subject that you are both best at and like the most is a very good way to choose a college course.

Here we take a look at a few courses you could do if you think Music is your best subject.

Performing Arts

If you are into music, performing arts is an avenue you could consider going down. Studying this gives students the opportunity to become collaborative within all elements of the musical performance arts. By studying performance learners will explore amazing themes and ideas that co-habit to make us all human.

Music Production

Music producers are critical to the music industry. The study of music production, oversees the process of making music from creation to selling. It goes from the creation of music using DAWs right through to the marketing and distribution of it once it has been created.

Music For Film

The study of music for film can me a very interesting one. It will cover everything from theory to music production to film scoring. This is usually something that the student can get into as a masters or as a further form of study.

These are just a few avenues you may want to get into if you are interested in music as a further education option. There are other areas too such as music teaching, composition etc.



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